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Elevate traditional survey insights with qualitative emotion & behavior data – all automatically summarized within hours.

emojent Introduction
Industry challenge

Industry challenge

Surveys are the predominant method to gather customer feedback as they are easy to administer at scale. But customer survey data often fails to match customer behavior in the real world. Why? We overestimate people’s ability to explain all their preferences and actions! Many customers might not consciously know what they really want, or why they want something. Others might be tempted to explain away their actions as being more rational than they are. Surveys don’t mimic the real world environment in which customers make decisions; they can fail to capture other factors affecting customer thought and action. Thus, there’s a need to improve survey design and go beyond measuring what people share explicitly

Emojent solution

Emojent video surveys go deeper by measuring non-verbal cues like emotion, eye-gaze and body gestures in addition to stated opinions. These cues are automatic & hard to fake, providing an additional layer of validation to traditional survey responses. How something is measured is as important as what is being measured. The Emojent platform uses inspiration from behavior science to incorporate survey design features like priming participants favorably with the use of multimedia (e.g. using music to put people in a certain mood).

Emojent solution

Spotlight on survey Features

Make surveys that are engaging and insightful.

Survey design

Survey design

  • Media rich surveys.Add images, videos, audio, and branding.
  • Qualitative and quantitative questions types.Choose from MCQ, short-text, ranking, likert-scale & video questions.
  • Survey templates.Adapt from a library of market research & validated psychometric questions.

Survey collection

  • Easy onboarding.Design customizable survey invites & incentives. Enable survey taking with or without login.
  • Fraud detection.Remove invalid or noisy data.
  • Security and HIPAA compliance.Conduct nuanced research without ethical compromise.
Survey Reports

Survey Reports

  • Bespoke emotion analytics.Facial expression metrics scientifically proven to predict customer behavior. Includes metrics for 7 discrete emotions, moments of peak emotion, attention, and engagement.
  • Content analytics.Auto-summarized qualitative data which reveals the salient topics and keywords at the top of customers’ minds, along with their sentiments.
  • Customize with flair.Executive dashboards for a bird’s eye view or detailed reports for drilled down insights. Intelligent filters which can chunk, splice and segment data for your needs.

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