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Industry challenge

Industry challenge

Qualitative research is a gold mine of insight. It is the best method to understand the “why” behind customer behavior. But qualitative researchers often have to make the difficult trade off between depth and scale. The effort required to make sense of unstructured qualitative data might compromise the ability to sample widely and diversely, especially in the face of tight deadlines. Insights from qualitative research also depend heavily on the interpretation of few qualitative researchers. Thus, insights from qualitative research are accused of not being representative enough. What we need is a way to marry the depth of qualitative research with the reach of quantitative surveys.

Emojent solution

Emojent’s qualitative research platform is dedicated to making sense of unstructured qualitative data. Simply upload your pre-recorded interviews, testimonials or focus groups and view reports at the group and individual level. We automate away zero-value add tasks like transcription, and help you jump start your analysis by measuring the significant themes and keywords discussed in your data. Complement traditional text-based qualitative insights with insights from non-verbal cues like emotion, attention, engagement and body gestures to get holistic customer context.

Emojent solution

Spotlight on qualitative research features

Make qualitative data analysis easy and behaviorally informed

Collect Data

Collect data

  • Variety of qualitative projects.Get emotion and text analytics for interviews, testimonials or focus group discussion projects. Simply upload pre-recorded batch videos.
  • Meta-data tagging.Provide demographic information (e.g. gender, city) while uploading videos to auto-segment the qualitative insights generated based on variables of interest.

Automated qualitative insights

  • Auto Transcription.Save precious time and money transcribing interviews verbatim.
  • Themes and keywords.Review top topics and keywords recurring across interviews. Drill-down to view statements and sentiment (positive or negative feeling) surrounding major themes.
  • Highlight reels.View a curated list of high emotion video segments in context, to learn what themes registered significant impact.
Holistic analytics

Holistic analytics

  • Bespoke emotion analytics.Complement qualitative insights with facial expression metrics scientifically proven to predict customer behavior. Includes metrics for 7 discrete emotions, moments of peak emotion, attention, and engagement.
  • Explore themes and tags.Search the occurrence, statements and sentiment related to unique terms of interest. Segment results by demographics or emotion.

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