Take the guesswork out of your video marketing creation and performance with AI.

Optimize ads for peak creative impact based on moment-by-moment recommendations on emotion expression, messaging and industry benchmarks.

emojent Introduction
Industry challenge

Industry challenge

How do brands test creative content? Many don’t. It’s expensive and time-consuming to iterate ad content based on consumer reactions, so brands make do with feedback from internal stakeholders. When brands are big enough to test at some stage of their creative process, how do they know what works? Traditional metrics of brand communication success emphasize convincing the rational consumer about brand benefits. But consumers in the real-world are often driven to act on their emotion & impulse. Thus, there’s a need to make content testing faster, flexible and more predictive of what customers will respond to.

Emojent solution

Emojent’s media content analytics platform allows testing at every stage of the creative process. Simply upload your video content, and our AI technology will score your collateral on the emotional, visual and messaging metrics known to predict content success. Refine and iterate versions till your collateral shines. Enhance your video by learning from authentic customer feedback with our video survey platform. Or learn from the best, by benchmarking your creative against top-performing industry ads.

Emojent solution

Spotlight on Media Analytics Features

Make ads with maximum creative and business impact.

Survey design

Moment-by-moment Ad Performance

  • Messaging efficacy.Receive feedback on the demographic diversity, tone, wordiness and comprehensibility of ad messaging.
  • Emotional appeal.Review the key emotional moments conveyed by the ad. Includes measures like the first & last conveyed emotion, and high emotion intensity moments.
  • Audio-visual quality.Learn whether the ad visuals and audio are constructed to grab or lose attention. Analyze features like the visual pacing, shot diversity and loudness of ads.

Ad Benchmarking

  • Analyze the competition.Learn how the top brands in your category perform on emotional intensity, visual design and messaging style. Tweak media content to reflect the most successful trends.
  • Compare and contrast.Map how similar or different your video content is compared to other brands in your category. Take inspiration from content to conform to industry norms, or differentiate yourself by avoiding overused trends.
Ad Benchmarking
ssCustomisable analysis

Customisable analysis

  • Variety of campaigns.Test the gamut of video marketing collateral – from social media reels to TV spots.
  • Types of analysis.Run individual video analysis, A/B tests of video versions, or compare batches of video ads.

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