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emojent Introduction




Shashank Chansoria

Livjot Sachdeva


4 April, 2020

Upwards of 70% of human communication is non-verbal. Whether it be the stammer when one lies or how the eyes light up in reaction to a compliment---a gesture is an unfiltered clue to a person's state of mind.

Why then is so much of traditional market research drawing insight only from customer's verbal feedback?

  • The idea of Emojent dates back to 2019 when our founders came together with a common goal to translate all aspects of human interaction for business insight. To do this sustainably and at scale, they realized the need to marry the behavior science insights with the elegance of affective computing. Thus Emojent's human measurement platform was born.
  • The plan reached its first stage of fruition during the 2020 Global New Venture Challenge (GNVC) hosted by the Polsky Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where Emojent won first place and secured seed funding. Emojent was officially incorporated in April 2020.
  • Since then, Emojent has built a strong founding team that comes from diverse backgrounds in academic research, computer science, engineering, insights, psychology, and more. We're united by a shared set of values and a desire to build great products.